Tom-pouce, the electronic cane that detects obstacles

Lastly, I obtained the Tom Pouce electronic cane which is a box that you attach to the handle of your cane and which detects obstacles by infrared sensors and by a visible laser.
This device was created by René Farcy professor Physicist at Paris-Saclay University, teacher at Polytech Paris-Saclay Engineering School and who continues to make it evolve.
I got this device thanks to the Eastern Guide Dog School in Woippy (which is the antenna that distributes the device in my area) and the VISIO Foundation who provided me with the box and the training for free.
The box is in two parts:
One part of the box that sits below the handle of the cane, where you find the battery box, the power button and the power port to charge the device.
The second part is placed above the handle where the infrared and a laser placed horizontally.
On the top of the device is still an infrared that serves to protect the face for high obstacles such as signs, umbrellas, branches etc.
The device measures approximately 9 centimeters long and 4 centimeters high above the handle when placed on the cane.
It is fixed on the cane thanks to two collars of tightenings.
The device also has a cylindrical vibrator which measures 3 or 4 centimeters, that one has in his hand, but fixed on the handle of the cane, during the displacements to feel the vibrations to the approach of an obstacle.
The distance of detection is adjustable thanks to a small button, it can detect at 2 meters, 4 meters or 6 meters (with options in addition that you can see in the leaflet below).
When the obstacle is at the beginning of detection, we have a smooth vibration (ie a continuous vibration) Below 2 meters the vibration becomes jerky to warn that the obstacle is close and that it is necessary to be vigilant.
For the height protection, it is automatically activated in 6 meters mode, if it detects an obstacle it makes a vibration like a drum.
I have had the device for 15 days and I am very satisfied with it because in the street it helps me to anticipate obstacles and not bump into them before going around them.
I walk with much more confidence and I avoid obstacles without necessarily touching them.
Although the device detects obstacles, it does not replace the cane because it does not detect holes.
If you would like to learn more, you can download the brochure for the device below the article. You can also download a more detailed brochure.
If you want to try the device and do the training, you can contact the foundation and ask which branch distributes the devices in your area at 0241681518.
Please note, in order to do the training you must first do a trial so that the locomotion instructor can see your needs for the electronic cane.


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