Yandex Translate, a translation extension for NVDA

Yandex Translator is an extension to NVDA that allows you to translate text instantly or after selecting text.

Setting up

After downloading the file and installing it in NVDA, go to the NVDA menu by doing, insert + n.
Then press down arrow to go down to the tools menu
Then press down arrow to go to Yandex Translate Setting. Click on it. At this point, you are in a dialog box. On the first drop down list, the auto item should be selected by default. If it is not, tap the letter a until you hear auto.
Press the tab key to the "Primary target language" list and choose English en
Do the same for the next two lists by tabbing to them.
Then tab to the ok button.


There are two ways to use Yandex Translator:
The instant translation mode, when you arrive at a site or a document you want to translate, you make the shortcut:
insert + shift + i, to launch the translator, it's a toggle.
At launch you will hear: automatic translation enabled
At deactivation, you will hear: automatic translation disabled.
the text is translated as you move with up or down arrow.

Manual translation mode:
First, select the text, either in a document or on an HTML page, then launch the translator with the shortcut:
insert-+ capital letter +-t
we hear the translation of the text and it is sent directly to the clipboard. Afterwards you can retrieve it by doing control-v to paste it into a word processor for example
This translation mode offers a better reading comfort than the instant translation mode.
If you want to download, you can do it through the link below the article.


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